Spring Cleaning your Home

Spring Cleaning Tips to Make Your Home Fabulous

Spring Cleaning can be fun after a long winter, but it can also be overwhelming with so much to do! Get it all done easily and effectively with these four useful tips.

  1. Consider Using Homemade Cleaners- You can save a little money by making your own homemade cleaners. Or you can make a simple but effective all-purpose cleaner by mixing one part vinegar and one part water, plus you will be saving the environment by reducing your plastic, win, win.


  1. Find Your Clutter Hot Spots- Every house has at least one spot where clutter has a tendency to accumulate.  Ours is our kitchen worktop.  Be sure to identify the hot spots in your home so that you can knock the clutter out.


  1. Make Simple Replacements When Necessary- Determine when it's best to clean it and when it's best to toss it.  Obviously, you would never throw away a dirty window. You can change the appearance and add to your curb appeal by selecting one of our bestselling house signs such as the Notting hill.


  1. Easily Reset the theme- No need to do a full renovation to get the new bright Spring look you're wanting.  Just switch out the fabrics and linens by getting new curtains, pillow covers, furniture covers, bedding, or sheets.


  1. Don’t suffer in silence. Get started on your cleaning routine by creating a playlist, this could be the perfect opportunity to relive your past dance moves whilst no one is watching.

The best way to make sure everything is completed is by creating a list. Maybe start by room by room, or just adding simple changes like changing the theme of your house starting with a house sign, shop our collection today.